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African Non-Profit Work

I have been hired to work on a series of African Non-Profit Projects.  

1. Uhuru Watoto, a company meaning "Freedom for the Children", asked me to redesign their brochure.  They support a Girl's School in Tanzania in the Dodoma Region of Africa.


2.  That led me to work for Water 4 Mercy.  This is a start-up clean water project also in the Dodoma Region of Africa.  This company utilizes Drip Irgiation systems and Israeli Technology to make Agriculture more sustainable and year-round.  To the left you can find a prototype I created for a potential website design. This is their official website that I created:

3. For class I was asked to help design a VR component of Afridokta, a company that currently exists to make healthcare more accessible in rural areas all over Africa.  

I have loved working with each of these non-profits.  They each touch upon a different aspect of charity work: Education, Clean Water and Healthcare and I have enjoyed working on each. 

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