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World Read Aloud Day - When Being Blew Through

Written and Illustrated By: Kaylin Ingram

Happy World Read Aloud Day 2024!

I was lucky enough to be able to create this book and publish it with Two Penny Publishing in December of 2023! This book has been one of the biggest gifts I could have ever received from the Universe and it truly (like Being), just blew through me. I am beyond grateful that it did, when it did.

As a way of saying thank you to EVERYONE who has been a part of this journey, I wanted to post a live reading of this special book on World Read Aloud Day!

Share this link with your friends and family! And if you feel inspired or want to support this special book, feel free to head on over to Amazon, or and purchase the book for you or someone you love!

If you are feeling extra AMAZING, feel free to leave a review, or share this book on your social media and tag @kay_coastal so I can be sure to thank you! <3

Sometimes, we truly need to just breathe, know we are perfect, and be who we are! Being is the perfect reminder to love ourselves and know that we are ENOUGH!

I am so beyond grateful for each and every one of you who has purchased, promoted, or supported this book in any way shape or form!

ALL of my LOVE to YOU ... ALWAYS!


Kaylin Ingram


If you feel inspired, and would like to purchase this book for you or a loved one, feel free to check out the links below! YOU are AMAZING!

Thank you Marker Box Education Consulting!

This Video is in partnership with Marker Box Education Consulting, based in New York with Jen Hesseltine! Thank you for promoting When Being Blew Through to your education networks and making this video possible!

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