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Kaylin Ingram is a Brand Strategist and a Co-Founder over at Hang Ten Creative Agency where she gets to build brands for start-ups and business owners looking to elevate their brand voice. 

Kaylin graduated from the University of Florida with a BFA in Graphic Design and went on to continue her education with a MPS Masters in Branding from the School of Visual Arts in New York where she got the amazing opportunity to learn from some of the best brand strategists in the industry. 

Having a lifelong love of good and meaningful design, Kaylin seeks to create a world where amazing brands, businesses, and people, have the visual voice to match the quality of service they offer.

Kaylin is an adjunct professor at the University of Tampa in Foundations: Digital Arts where she teaches the tools to "make work that matters".

When not working at her (you guessed it ... blue) desktop computer, Kaylin can be found with her golden girls: Sunny and Cali in her beautiful town of Dunedin, Florida where she lives and works with some of the best creatives by her side!


Hang Ten Creative Agency was founded by creatives, for business owners, start-ups, and hustlers alike! Alicia Schrader is the Web-Design Mastermind that takes Kaylin Ingram's custom branded client logos and runs with it.  These two have been creating business brands together for years as freelancers and finally took the leap to form Hang Ten Creative Agency after enough of their clients told them to " get on with it already!"

Alone these two are creators, but together they are a powerhouse for any business needing a brand to back their product or service.  

If you are interested in working with Hang Ten Creative Agency, check out their website and book a time to discuss your brand and business goals. 



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