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A BRAND NEW WAVE: Hang Ten Creative Agency

Two freelance designers walked into a bar... and well... that's pretty much how it all got started! Alicia Schrader and Kaylin Ingram were introduced by a mutual friend in the industry in their small town of Dunedin, Florida and the rest is history!

The two partnered together on projects for years before enough of their clients told them to take the leap and join forces. Soon after, by popular demand, Hang Ten Creative Agency was born!

*Cue the Confetti*

Alicia Schrader, commonly known as The Website Gal, has long believed in the balance of beauty and function through intentional design. She will never force a business or brand into a pre-made website template that just doesn't fit their company's needs. Because of this, Alicia builds custom websites, from the ground up, to provide the user with a unique experience that expresses the core essence of the brand. Your website is your company's digital handshake, so it is important that it leaves a lasting impression.

Some of Alicia's stunning websites for business owners, start-ups, and companies local to global can be found at

Kaylin Ingram, originally operating under Kay Coastal Designs, is a brand strategist at heart and a graphic designer by trade. Kaylin loves to create custom logo designs that elevate the true brand voice of the client or company that deserves to be heard! But it's more than a logo; finding your visual voice can be hard especially when you are so focused on doing what you love as best as you can. Through head-turning design, Kaylin believes that the best logos, designs, and brands overall are able to directly appeal to the very people the brand is meant to help.

Kaylin's early work can be found at

You can find their collective sum of work at where you can book a brand consultation for your unique business.

Alone these two are creatives, designers, and freethinkers. But together, they are a powerhouse for any business looking to elevate their brand through a visual voice that means something to both them and their potential client or customer.

If you are looking to build a bold, beautiful, and badass brand that turns heads, reach out to Hang Ten Creative Agency at and book a consultation to go over your specific brand and business goals.

Many companies may offer the same product or service as you, but no one will offer it the way you do. Express your unique offering through a visual voice that represents your business and brand down to its true core essence.

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