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The Kay Coastal Collective - A New Agency Model

Welcome to Kay Coastal Designs! We are a visual agency that specializes in graphic design, logo creation, and business branding.

All Photos Credited to: Joyelan Media; 2022

Here at Kay Coastal, we believe in the talent behind the freelancer. Having been a long time freelancer myself, I have come to find that some of the best talent in our area consists of solopreneurs and individuals who have gone out on their own and completely mastered their craft. These aren't hobbies and side-hustles; these are careers. I am so continually blown away by the incredible work they provide for both me and my amazing clients.

As Kay Coastal grows and expands, we have teamed up with some of these talented freelancers to offer our clients truly the best of the best.

These days, your brand is so much much more than just your logo. It is your website, photographs, social media feed, and all of the visual and verbal story-telling that goes into making your company unique. Your brand is a series of visual queues, that sway a potential new client to choose YOU and your company over someone else. All of your visual elements play a role.

So, we have created a visual agency. A collective. The Kay Coastal Collective.

It is time that we offer our amazing clients what they truly deserve.

And that is the whole dang package.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to the Kay Coastal Collective.



Kay Coastal | Founder & Art Director

My name is Kaylin and I am the founder and senior graphic designer at Kay Coastal Designs. I have a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Florida and have completely fallen in love with the process of developing and creating a company's brand from the ground up.

It is truly so special when someone trusts you with their business baby, and chooses you to design and build their visual voice.

I am so blessed to work with each and every one of my amazing clients. And I am so excited to bring on some of my favorite freelancers to help push their brands even further!



The Website Gal | Web Designer

Alicia with The Website Gal is far and beyond the best web designer I have ever met. All of her sites are completely custom and unique to each business she designs for. She does not use templates, and she works directly with the client to give them a product they love.

She nails the brand each and every time and everyone who uses Alicia has nothing but amazing things to say!

You can check out some of her work online at The Website Gal. Of course, when you see her site, you will be amazed!

If you need a new site... Alicia is your girl!



Brand Photographer | Joy Hmielewski

Joy is a brand photographer and is responsible for all of the beautiful headshots on this page! She has a 10-year background in professional photography and her work speaks for itself!

When she's not creating stunning brand photos for clients (including headshots & custom stock imagery), she can be found shooting weddings, elopements, real estate photography, or even flying her (licensed) drone to get the perfect aerial shot!

You can find her work at Joyelan Media. You will absolutely LOVE working with Joy! She truly brings out the beauty in everyone, allowing the subject to tell the brand story.



TandCo. Social | Social Media Manager

Tiffany is a social media manager who specializes in creating custom content and operating companies' social platforms from behind-the-scenes!

She is so incredibly talented in not only telling a brand's story through social media, but doing so in a consistent way that reaches the target audience every single time.

Gone are the days where you can neglect your company's Facebook and Instagram pages. If you are a business looking to reach your audience online, you need to reach out to Tiffany. Her website and contact can be found at TandCo. Social.



Studio Tate Digital | Graphic Designer

Jill is an amazing graphic designer and former Kay Coastal intern-turned-team-member! Jill creates incredible graphics and does so in a consistent and beautiful way that is on brand with the client's look-and-feel! I absolutely love having Jill in the Kay Coastal Collective!

When she is not designing work digitally, she is often painting and creating some of the coolest artwork ever!

Her design work can be found at Studio Tate Digital and her paintings can be found at Studio Tate.


Each of these freelancers started their own companies because they have a passion for working directly with the client, something you don't often get in the typical agency model. Kay Coastal believes that when our clients invest in their brands, they deserve the best of the best! They deserve to know the faces behind the design.

I am so proud to work with these talented designers and creatives, and am so excited for my clients to get to know and love them too!

If you are a business owner, this is your time. It is time to elevate your brand. YOU and your business deserve a brand that speaks to you.

Email to begin telling your brand story.

All the Best,

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